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Ahead of the launch of the Motocross and Enduro range, Triumph Motorcycles takes another exciting step in the off-road world through the acquisition of OSET Bikes, a leader in the world of children’s electric, off-road motorcycles.

Back Garden OSETs

Life on lockdown has seen sales continue to grow for OSET Bikes. The electric trials bikes have proven to be a real hit, as back garden riding is all that is available to many.

OSET Home Schooling!

‘Ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness’ stated Malcom Gladwell in his famous book ’Outliers’. To achieve greatness in anything that you set your sights on - focussed practice, and lots of it, is the only way.

OSET Activity Pack and Training Video’s

With the prospect of months of extra sofa time and boredom, the OSET crew decided to be pro-active and give both kids and adults some fun – both on and off their bikes.

Amazing 10 year old. Electric dirt bike trials stunts!

Elliot Smith, two times UK National Trial Champion has been riding OSET’s since he was 2 years old, and has always had one goal in mind while riding… FUN! This new video shows Elliot at 10 years old, having more fun than ever and demonstrating the capabilities of the OSET...

Petrol vs Electric Motorcycles

So, it’s finally time! Your little racer has learnt all they will on their balance bike and the stabilisers were gone a week after you put them on. Now it’s time for the next level, now is the time for their first REAL motorcycle!Not that long ago, and trying not...


Today there are hundreds of schemes designed to try and get kids more active. But how many of them are sustainable and can measure success year on year?


OSET Bikes celebrated another stellar year of trials competition at this year’s ACU awards. The ‘Brit Awards’ of youth trials, OSET enjoyed an armful of trophies, which included two national championships.

Chris Northover and OSET Bikes in Green Heaven

In his second video for OSET Bikes in 2019, Chris takes on Caehopkin Forest, South Wales for the video “Green Heaven”The area is very popular with mountain bikers and It’s close to some ancient spoil heaps from mining operations long ago, (you can see them early on) but as is...

We have you covered this Christmas with OSET Clothing

OSET Bikes has a great range of riding gear and casual clothing available for your little riders this Christmas. From gloves and hats to hoodies and t-shirts, riding trousers and jerseys, we have it covered.

OSET Bikes Encourages Kids to Ditch Consoles

OSET Bikes, the world’s leading manufacturer of youth electric off-road motorbikes, is calling for kids (and parents) to ditch games consoles in favour of two wheels.

It’s an Electric Family Affair

Marquez! Brownlee! Murray! Williams! Charlton! All famous sporting siblings. In the world of motorbike trials Team Smith is the latest sibling duo to prove the power of family traits and demonstrate that perhaps success is in the blood?