Amazing 10 year old. Electric dirt bike trials stunts!

Elliot Smith, two times UK National Trial Champion has been riding OSET’s since he was 2 years old, and has always had one goal in mind while riding… FUN!

This new video shows Elliot at 10 years old, having more fun than ever and demonstrating the capabilities of the OSET 24.0 – a bike suitable for both young and old! In his spare time, Elliot has found the time to compete, winning two UK National Championships belt already.

Elliot has no desire to move to petrol bikes, and sees his future as 100% electric… and being better for it. Clearly Elliot can ride in his back garden, at work, and in many places petrol bikes simply cannot go.

Elliot’s Dad Ian said

“Elliot is an active kid, and needs to be on the go all the time. He plays football three times a week, rides a skateboard, bicycles, and of course his OSET. The only way he can keep his skills up to National level is to ride a lot, and the only way to do that on his busy schedule is to ride during the week.

The only way to do that is on an electric bike! He’s great at Trials, and that has made him great straight out of the box in any kind of off road riding. His focus now is Trials and football… but I can see he likes going fast too. He’s had more injuries from football than Trials – which shows that learning from a young age can make motorcycle riding quite a safe and fun hobby. The OSET’s are amazing at teaching great skills that make for great, safe riders.”

Check out Elliot's amazing video!!