2017 Youth events at NATC National Rounds

Friday and Saturday afternoon events offered for youngsters ages 2-13

We are proud to announce that the 2017 NATC US Mototrial National Championship Series will be hosting youth events on Friday and Saturday at all of the scheduled National Rounds! Start times at 3:30pm. See our events calendar for more specific event info.

March 31, April 1-2  Amarillo, Texas  Western Series Rounds 1 & 2  www.ntxtrials.com

April 7, 8-9  Sedan, Kansas  Western Series Rounds 3 & 4  www.avtatrials.com

June 16, 17-18  Cleveland, Ohio  Eastern Series Rounds 1 & 2  www.trialsinc.org

June 23, 24-25  Exeter, Rhode Island  Eastern Series Rounds 3 & 4  www.ritrialsclub.com

No Entry-fee!

BUT, AMA Memberships are required for motorized participants. One-day, or year AMA Memberships will be available on-site.




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