OSET is open and still able to get bikes, parts and clothing out to our dealers and customers! If you can’t get through to your local dealer, please call us direct on 970-240-5984 or send us an email: usasales@osetbikes.com
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Events Calendar

Welcome to OSET Bikes event calendar page. We are happy to share the upcoming 2017 season schedules for everyone who may be interested in participating or spectating.

We are proud to announce that the 2017 NATC Nationals will be hosting youth events!

April 1-2  Amarillo, Texas  Western Series Rounds 1 & 2  www.ntxtrials.com

April 8-9  Sedan, Kansas  Western Series Rounds 3 & 4  www.avtatrials.com

June 17-18  Cleveland, Ohio  Eastern Series Rounds 1 & 2  www.trialsinc.org

June 24-25  Exeter, Rhode Island  Eastern Series Rounds 3 & 4  www.ritrialsclub.com

The Western Youth Nationals and Eastern Youth Nationals schedules.

Western Youth Nationals & Women's Open  June 8, 9 & 10  Cotopaxi, CO  Tucker Ranch                           https://www.facebook.com/westernyouthnationals/

Eastern Youth Nationals & Women's Open  June 29-30, July 1  Sequatchie, TN                                                           http://trialstrainingcenter.com/schedule/family-youth-camp-youth-nationals-and-womens-open/ 

We currently have no upcoming events