Cornwall OSET Cup 2022 Round 2
26th February 2022
(Spring/Summer Series)

P1060709 2

Our cover star Charlie Harris getting off the deck !!!

The second round of the Cornwall OSET Cup was held at the United Downs Raceway at St Day on 26th February. This venue was under threat of closure by Cornwall Council but a big publicity campaign including Cornwall OSET Cup riders resulted in a BBC documentary which filmed OSET riders enjoying the facilities at this venue on their quiet , environmentally friendly OSET’S. As a result the Raceway has been given a reprieve for 12 months pending further consultation and Cornwall OSET Cup will continue to give full support.


Bowie Sinkinson another first timer !!!


Oscar Davis enjoying his first event !!!


Evie Joyce getting a shove in her first event, GO EVIE !!!!

Throughout the 2021 series of the Cornwall OSET Cup and the first Round of 2022 the young riders have had to face atrocious weather and mainly slippery, very muddy trials but all regularly turned up, smiled and had a great time and all their OSET’S coped well in the wet and mud.
This second round was held in very welcome glorious sunshine with dry conditions at a venue of mainly ex mineworking’s which afforded good grip in all sections. Organiser's planned this event to be a low scoring morale booster which certainly lived up to its name. 36 riders attended including four newcomers, two 4 years old’s and out for the first time on their new 12.5 OSET’S these were Oscar Davis and Bowie Sinkinson and two 6 yr ols Evie Joyce and Tully Gleave who all had a great day. The 9 yr group on the Medium Course showed that the organiser's got it fairly right with just one single mark separating each of them, a very unusual result. We also now have 7 riders competing on OSET 24's which is very encouraging as previously many have moved from OSET 20R's to Beta 80's and this now seems to buck that trend.


P1060718 2

Dexter Tripconey in one wheel action !!!

Hard Course.
Samuel Millmore 36, George Turner 39, Jacob McCoan 53
Medium Course by age group:
11 yrs Luka Boehm
10 yrs Dexter Tripconey 4, Billy Tappin 6
9 yrs Riley Holloway 1, Jack Kilby 2, William Bloomfield 3, Andrew Hancock 4 and George Smith 5.
8 yrs Charlie Harris 2
6yrs Charlie Riddell and Riley Wales both 0, Finley Wilson and Kyle Bateman both 1 mark only, Jasper Gelpy-Smith 10
Easy Course:
7 yrs Cody Holloway 3, Henry Smith 5
6 yrs William Lewis 0, Tully Gleave 17, Archer Trispconey 30, Evelyn Joyce 90
5 yrs Zander Trewin 27
4 yrs Bowie Sinkinson 79, Oscar Davis 85

Round 3 will be at Trebarrow, Bugle PL26 8RJ on 26th March. ACU Online entries only and available 2 weeks before event.