Huge thank you to our observers, and everyone else who picked up a board.

Section 2 Ray Pekala
Section 4 Shaunna Rogers
Section 5 Claire Pimley
Section 6 Bev Cumberland
Section 7 Kelly Reynolds
Section 8 Andy/Caz Rich

And a massive to Ray Pekala for the use of Breakheart, for all his encouraging words, advice, support and for being an all round legend.

25 riders arrived at Breakheart ready to settle the scores in our Winter Series. Although more riders are always welcome, it was a nice number with the sections having little queuing but at the same time usually having a rider coming through.

First up the white route. As this short winter series has progressed, two young lads have emerged at the top and it was Arlo Phipps who took the win on the day, and the win in the championship. Arlo dropped 16 points around the 8 sections. William West, a new rider did very well and has progressed in the 3 rounds he has ridden with us. William takes 2nd on the day and overall in the series. 3rd place was a new rider with us, and another young lady! Molly Hassall dropped 56 in her first ever trial on her OSET 16.0. Molly had a long trip up from Bristol and looked to have a smile on her face when we saw her. Ollie Hickley was 4th place, with help from expert rider Dad Tom. Ollie had some great rides on the tricky rocks at Breakheart. Next up was Jessica Herbert, who through consistency has got herself a well earned 3rd place overall in the championship! Well done all.

Gethin and Leri Hughes shared a Beta 80 medium wheel, boots and helmet throughout the day. Hopefully gaining experience in a trial and having some fun at the same time. Fingers crossed they have the bug and ride more trials in the future!

The yellow route was won again by Kasia Pekala-Dayment. Kasia on home turf and looking very confident on her OSET 24.0. Kasia also got the championship win which will be welcome after she narrowly missed out on the summer championship win. Thomas Herbert is always there or there about on his OSET 20.0. Thomas wasn’t far behind in 2nd place. 3rd place was Harper Oliver, having possibly the best ride I have seen her have. Harper looked confident and had a big smile on her face. Dropping only 19 marks too. Harper will be looking further up the table in the summer no doubt once the old children move up and/or change bikes. Louis Wood had a great 4th place, with some great rides and a couple of crashes! Louis has come on a long way in this series alone. Harry Brookes was next, the result probably needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Harry rode some yellow sections and some blue, giving him a higher score. It was great to hear Harry wanted to push himself on the harder sections. Krystian Pekala-Dayment and Braeden Podesta were the next riders. Both boys having some good rides around, and will no doubt benefit come summer with this experience in the colder months.

The new yellow/blue 50/50 route had 2 rides that have both pushed on from the yellow route. Daisy Brookes again looking composed and taking the win. Daisy’s score was 32; in my opinion shows it was just right for her level. Daisy did have a bit of a crash on section 3 but knuckled down and finished the trial. Oliver Edmunds really closed the gap from the last round, this time only 7 marks behind Daisy.

The medium blue route was a little quiet for this round. Oliver Bird on his OSET 24.0 took the win, but had to work hard for it. Oliver takes the championship win again in the OSET cup class. Harvey Reynolds on his OSET 20 was only 9 points off with one of his best rides. Josh Wood was the stand alone petrol rider, dropping 44 points on his first ride on his Acklams Beta 80 senior, looking very comfortable at times on the new bigger bike.

Jack Rich finally returned to some form on his Acklams Beta 80, after losing his mojo this winter. I took Jack around lap one on the red/blue 50/50 route and he was, in his words “all over the place”! He found his feet on lap 2, and was suddenly attacking things like he used to. It was great to see George Turner & his Dad back again. George and his Dad are two of the nicest guys you will meet, and come a very long way to ride with us. George kept Jack honest with some very convincing rides on his Beta 80 medium wheel and wasn’t too far back in the end.

Kayleigh Rich had a very good day out on her Acklams Beta Factory 125. Kayleigh had a bit of a sketchy 3 on lap one, section 7, but otherwise kept her score low to finish on 6 dropped. Kayleigh is usually very helpful setting up, but was at her teenage worse on Saturday and put in a total of two flags! (I told her I’d embarrass her)
2nd place was Zach Reynolds onboard his Gas Gas 80. Never too far behind Kayleigh, Zach had an impressive ride as always. An unlucky 5 for a stall on lap one, section 5 aside, Zach at 11 years old had a good steady ride around the Quarry and woodland of Breakheart. It was great to see Samuel Millmore again, like George Turner, good friends of the club and making a massive commitment to come and see us from Cornwall. Sam is on a big wheel 80 now and tackled the red route head on, with a well deserved 3rd overall. Hayden Pimley, who hasn’t been on his trials bike for a good few weeks got 4th. I saw Hayden ride and do very well. Hayden cut a happy and chilled figure and earned himself a good result in a competitive class. Hayden also takes 3rd overall in the championship. Joseph Baker had to dig deep at Breakheart but put his all into his riding. Section 1 & 3 were his best rides. Joseph didn’t let his head drop and deserves a medal for finishing the trial.

We hope you all had a great day out.


Breakheart Results