On Sunday 29th May MK Off Road's D.Y.T.C held round 2 of it's youth championship at Hobs Hole, Aldridge.
A fantastic entry again of 44 kids and a packed paddock was great to see!
Thankyou to our sponsors Central Scanning, Woodrobes & OSET bikes.
Bruce Bolton for the use of the venue.
Observers Section 1 my parents Karen & Mike Rich. S2 Julia Watson. S3 Claire Pimley. S4 Phil Aucott. S5 Jen & Barry Craig. S6 Kayleigh Rich. S7 brother Barry Rich & section 8 Caz Rich & Nick Godfrey.
Also to Mitch & Zach Reynolds with help setting up on Saturday.
The beginner white route had 8 competitors & this time Seth Jenkin & Emily Thompson swapped 1st & 2nd place, with Seth taking the win this time around. Tommy Sturgess was Mr consistent with another solid 3rd place. Huw Edmunds & Ruby Wareing were not far behind to round up the top 5. Edward Rowe looked to be having fun on his OSET 12.5, and Jessica Herbert completed her first trial with some help from Dad, and did excellent to complete the 32 sections.
The yellow route was the biggest of the day yet again, with 15 riders entered.
It's a very close class this and Daisy Brookes is the one to watch. Her 1st place at round one, and a 3rd at round two have put her firmly in the lead for the championship at this early stage. Harry Craig took the win on the day, with Max Sturridge narrowly missing out one point back in 2nd place. Thomas Herbert, Central Scanning's Amelie Godfrey, Kasia Pekala-Dayment and Harry Brookes were all very close in that order behind the top 3. We had our first adult competitor on his OSET 24! He had great fun riding his first trial and we look forward to welcoming Mark Weller's wife & son to ride at round 3. The yellow route also had it's first petrol competitor, scored separately to the OSET's. Young Jake Stokes also riding his first trial and he did great on his Gas Gas.
The blue route had total of 8 riders. Four OSET's and four petrol bikes.
It was great to see Daisy Craig on her Beta 80, in the petrol class. Daisy took the win here to create a double 'Craig' victory with her brother Harry on the yellows. A visit from the Craig's is always welcome. Grandad Barry observed for us all and Billy is always on hand to give the kids some advice. Our own Jack Rich was 2nd place, and is slowly getting to grips with his Beta 80. George Wareing had some fantastic rides to finish in 3rd, with friend and another great rider Max Hastings not too far back in 4th.
On the OSET cup side of things, it was very close with George Turner who came up all the way from Cornwall taking the win on his OSET 20.0. Oliver Bird had a great 2nd place, and it was Josh Wood not too far behind. Josh & George are now tied on the overalls in the OSET cup championship. 5 year old Harvey Reynolds did great to finish all the sections on a very tough blue course. He had some great cleans and great rides too.
The hard route had a total of 7 riders. 3 in the OSET cup, 4 in petrol. Little mention here for Kayleigh Rich, who was gutted to miss out due to a broken bike. But she did a great job observing section 6.
Sam Lefevre was the lowest scoring rider again to go 1-1 in the championship. Alfie Shaw was amazing yet again on his OSET 20. Some of the sections were similar to the expert routes at club trials at Hobs Hole, with possibly one section a little too tough. But Alfie doesnt let his head drop at attacks everything 100%. It was great to meet Samuel Millmore & his family who came all the way up from Cornwall. Sam is another fantastic and very skilled rider. He was just one point behind Alfie in the final scores.
On the petrol side it was great to see Aaron Watson back riding with us, this time on his Beta 80. Aaron's Mum Julia also kindly observed section 3 for us. Aaron was the winner of his class, with Zach Reynolds and new championship leader just 8 back in second place. Only a point separated Hayden Pimley and Marcus Hastings, both riding superbly throughout the day and never giving up despite the challenges they faced.
Well done to all. Sorry I couldn't mention every one. We need more observers in the future if anyone can help. We just scraped by again, this time calling on half the Rich family to observe the sections! But they can't attend all the rounds. We don't want to put a board on the floor but it's the only option if no one comes forward.
The OSET Cup West Midlands and West Midlands youth championship continues it's tour this coming weekend, 5th June at the famous Seymour's Arena, nr Didcot. Booking in is open via our website www.mkoffroad.co.uk