DYTC is a RICH Success

A New Club is born !!!!


Round 1 OSET Cup West Midlands/West Mids Youth Trials Champs
10.4.22 – Shatterford, Worcestershire

April 10th 2022, a new youth trials club was born & held it’s first event. The turnout and the feedback received were amazing, and let’s hope this continues to build into something to help the kids develop and enjoy the sport we all love.

Thankyou to our sponsors Central Scanning, Woodrobes & OSET bikes.
Landowner Jim Colley. Remember you can practice at Shatterford 7 days a week. £5 kids, £10 adults. (Just top at the top by the house and someone will come out to see you)
The Reynolds & Pimley family for helping setup, take down & always been there for help and support.
Steve Williams for all his help & support.
Observers Kelly Reynolds, Claire Pimley, Bev Cumberland, Lorraine Williams, Phil Perkins, Nick Godfrey & Rachel Wood.
Simon Armstrong, Sian King & Tom Hanks for all the help, advice and support.

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Tommy Sturgess

The beginner white route had 5 competitors & it was Emily Thompson who took the win on 24. Seth Jenkin wasn’t far behind on 30 and Tommy Sturgess rounded off the top 3 on 42. Huw Edmunds took 4th on 76 and a big well done to little Josh Jacques on his OSET 12.5, taking 5th place! Section 2 took the most points here but all did fantastic navigating their little OSET bikes around the twisty sections.

The yellow route was the biggest of the day, with 12 all electric riders.
The talented Daisy Brookes took top spot with an amazing ride, dropping only 16. Oliver Edmunds wasnt too far behind on 22, with another lady (& talented footballer) Amelie Godfrey rounding up the podium on 27.
There were great rides throughout the class, with some pushing themselves and moving up from white. Section 4 was a real test for all classes but the yellow’s had a tough time with a couple of very tight turns, a series of logs, roots and off cambers to really test the boys & girls.

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Matthew Wynn-Smith

The blue route had total of 10 riders. 6 on electric and 4 on petrol.
Top rider on the blue was Josh Wood, dropping only 4 marks in a very impressive ride. On the OSET cup side, Harvey Reynolds was 2nd, with the 5 year old dropping 16 points. 3rd was George Turner one back on 17. It was good to see Oliver Bird and his family after such a long time. Oliver was 4th and just 2 points behind George. Ben Whitehouse was back again and was in 5th on 38, with Matthew Wynn-Smith enjoying his ride on his OSET 24.0 in 6th place.

On the petrol side of things it was our Jack Rich in 1st on 7 dropped. A 5 on his mums section 1 the only real spoiler. Jack is doing well on his beta 80 but has some way to go yet. Marvin Brookes was only one behind Jack on his vertigo 125. Stefan Williams was on 18 and is another who also recently moved to a Beta 80 from his OSET 20.0. Stefan did well and had fun riding round with Jack.
Well done to Hayden Cope, yet another to recently move from an OSET. Hayden picks up 4th place points and hopefully had a fun day with some more experience under his belt.

The hard route had a total of 6 riders, 2 OSET and 4 petrol.
Shatterford is Zach Reynolds ‘garden’ and he was on fire at round 1 with some amazing riding. Zach dropped just 14 points and was very closely followed by British Champion Sam Lefevre on his OSET 24.0, just one point back. Our own Kayleigh Rich was 3rd overall on 17, amazingly missing a flag on section 2 - a section she helped mark out! A clean here would have seen a win, but a kick up the bum is the end result!
Hayden Pimley & Marcus Hastings tied on 47, with Hayden just pipping Marcus on most cleans.
A huge well done to Alfie Shaw, who was 2nd on the OSET cup scoreboard. Some of the sections were tough for Alfie on his OSET 20.0 but he dug deep and had some amazing rides, showing off some of his pedal bike skills on section 4 to bounce the front wheel round.

All the boys & Kayleigh had fun riding together after the trial and will hopefully be mates for a long time. Top talented little riders, and lovely kids too.

We move to Hobs Hole nr Walsall for round 2 on Sunday May 29th. Booking in is open via our website www.mkoffroad.co.uk