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Cornwall OSET Cup 2022 Round 4
30th April 2022
(Spring/Summer Series)

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The fourth round of the Cornwall OSET Cup was held at Gilberts Coombe, Redruth on Saturday 30th April in glorious sunshine and bone-dry conditions which allowed the organisers to increase the severity of the sections and make them more challenging in the dry. 36 riders tackled 10 sections over three laps. The format for the Cornwall OSET Cup is 8 sections from October to March and 10 sections from April to September all over three laps which caters for daylight hours and normally favourable weather conditions, and this seems to work reasonably well. The young rider’s abilities and skills quickly improve and organisers themselves have a challenge to make OSET Cup Trials exciting and achievable at all levels to ensure the continued interest and attendance of our OSET riders. Today was a classic, everyone had a great time and there were big smiles all day long even including a couple of sit downs in the river section, but wet pants didn't deter them from carrying on regardless. Riders in this OSET Cup Championship must ride 4 rounds in the same age group and on the same course to be eligible for an award, some have now achieved that and are looking to move up which is exactly what this series seeks to achieve in developing future trials riders. Well done to everyone.
Samuel Millmore dominated the OSET Hard Course with a commendable loss of just 15 marks, Riley Holloway who has just moved onto the Hard Course coped well to lose 41 and great times were had with Jacob McCoan and George Turner who toughed it out all day and landed up equal with 51 marks apiece.

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BOWIE SINKINSON putting on the style. 
The 9-year group on the Medium Course always have a great battle between themselves and today it was Jack Kilby, the victor on 15 marks. This was the best overall ride on the Medium Course, and he was 9 marks clear of his best mate William Bloomfield in second place. 6-year-old Josh Dustow was not to be outdone and he posted a very respectable 19 marks in the 6-year group the second best overall and much better than many older riders.
Star on the Easy Course was undoubtedly 6-year-old William Lewis who lost just 3 marks overall, hugely better than everyone else on the Easy Course, second place 6 years had a battle on though between Tully Gleave and Archer Tripconey but it was all decided at section 9 where Archer dropped three marks and Tully remained clean to take second place by one mark.


JACK KILBY sending it.

Hard Course: Samuel Millmore 15, Riley Holloway 41, Jacob McCoan and George Turner both 51

Medium Course by age:
13 yrs Isabel Polkinghorne 39
10 yrs Dexter Tripconey 21
9 yrs Jack Kilby 15, William Bloomfield 24, Andrew Hancock 37, George Smith 55
8 yrs Charlie Harrris 21
7 yrs Charlotte Dustow 49
6 yrs Josh Dustow 19, Kyle Bateman 28, Charlie Riddell 42, Finley Wilson 59

Easy Course by age:
8 yrs Idris Chapman 85
7 yrs Cody Holloway 37, Henry Smith 49
6 yrs William Lewis 3, Tully Gleave 29, Archer Tripconey 30.
5 yrs Zander Trewin 86
4 yrs Bowie Sinkinson 96