Eddie Hall, Britain’s Strongest Man, lifted 420kg (half a tonne) of OSET Bikes this weekend at Inch Perfect Trials in Lancashire.  Affectionately known as ‘The Beast’, he hoisted the unstable combination of six OSET electric bikes and lead weights, in front of an enthusiastic crowd with his wife Alex, four-year-old son Max, and dad Steve looking on.

In what was a world-first, Eddie lifted the phenomenal weight with relative ease.  To put it into context, such was the weight, it required a fork lift truck to manoeuvre the apparatus into position and three ‘normal’ men could barely lift it an inch from the floor when working together.

At 6ft 3ins tall, he eats 14,000 calories a day to fuel his 30 stone powerhouse body, 55inch waist and 65inch chest.

Following the lift, Eddie said: “420kg was not a problem.  The difficulty in a lift such as this is balance.  It’s an unstable weight, so you can easily tear a muscle such as bicep, or damage your back.  As I focus 100% on preparing for World’s Strongest Man, it’s rare that I get a rest day.  Today at Inch Perfect has been very welcome family time for me and my wife Alex.  My son, Max, who’s four, has today learnt to ride an OSET, I’ve had a go and my dad’s been able to get on a bike and have some fun too.

“To have three generations partaking in the same sport makes for a great day!  A huge thank you to Matt at Inch Perfect for helping Max master the OSET.  We’re looking forward to coming back, along with Neil and his kids.”

Neil Pickup, friend’s with Eddie and commentator on the day, who himself is a world arm wrestling champion, added: “What Eddie achieved today is an outrageous demonstration of strength.  Head to head he is arguably the strongest man in the world right now, and that’s what he’s going to prove in Botswana in a month’s time.  With family time so precious as he prepares for the biggest competition of his life, we were delighted he chose to come and perform the OSET lift and spend time at Inch Perfect with his entire family.”

Matt Alpe, from Inch Perfect headed up to compete in the Scottish Six Day, after the event, said: “We were delighted to welcome Eddie and his family to New Hey Barn and it was incredible to witness such a show of sheer strength!

“Afterwards, we kitted Max out in all the gear and gave him a lesson on his new OSET.  Whether you’re brand new to trials and want to give it a go or have ridden bike for years and want to improve your skills, we have something for everyone.  With a fully stocked shop and café on site we are situated in beautiful trials country, making it a great day out no matter what your age, or experience.”

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The next OSET Cup North will also be hosted by Inch Perfect on May 20th and starts at 11am