We have you covered this Christmas with OSET Clothing

OSET Bikes has a great range of riding gear and casual clothing available for your little riders this Christmas. From gloves and hats to hoodies and t-shirts, riding trousers and jerseys, we have it covered.

Simon Armstrong, OSET Cup Manager, said: “The kids look great in all the gear, and parents can feel reassured that padding is in the right place, with riding outfits designed for kids.  It’s durable and comfortable to wear.  It’s a fact of trials that kids will get dirty when riding.  We’d recommend investing in Vanish!

“We can help save on washing too over the festive period as it’s known the kids don’t want to take off their OSET T-shirts and hoodies, so you can be sure of getting more than one wear out of them!”

There are three ranges of riding gear available – OSET Jitsie Wave, Elite and Infinity to fit children aged 3 - 12.  Items include riding trousers, jerseys and waterproof tops, along with accessories like riding gloves and hats.  Tops start at £30 and riding trousers at £48 and parents should visit www.osetbikes.com/gb/clothing to check sizing guides.

JI19TSLAOS 9000 KID MODEL OSET Jitisie Jersey

Simon added: “We’d love to see pictures of kids in their new gear, we know they go particularly well with Christmas crackers and the t-shirts fit perfectly in stockings, so we’ve heard from the man in red!”

Casual clothes include hoodies for adults and kids, t-shirts and hats with prices starting at £8.95 for a kid’s T-shirt.

Clothing is available from OSET direct at www.osetbikes.com or your local OSET dealer