The silent revolution just went off road

Not so long ago, the starting point for off road and trial’s riding was dominated by the petrol-powered 50s…that was the bike that all kids started on and there weren’t any real alternatives. Then in 2007 OSET Bikes came along with its electric-powered machines and within five years, OSET Bikes completely dominated the youth trials market.  They were successful in lowering the age kids could compete from six to four and now almost all national level D-Class competitors are riding an OSET – a remarkable transformation! 

With success in the trials market, OSET are now looking to bring their silent revolution to the motocross and off-road markets with the incredible MX-10, the first electric bike from OSET specifically designed for lovers of all things off road!

The MX-10 features an adjustable seat height – giving even the smallest riders more confidence as their feet can touch the ground. When lowering the bike, the geometry alters to provide more stability for raw beginners. The front forks, rear shock and brakes are all designed to suit the bike and young riders – they’re lightweight and adjustable because one size does not fit all.  While linear, electric power is easy for children to master and allows for parental control.

The ground up design for the MX-10 has seen the team analyse the ideal off-road geometry for children aged 4-7, designing components and systems to achieve optimum performance. 

What’s more the MX-10 is seriously fun while giving younger riders all the buzz of off road and motocross riding while allowing them to develop their skills and build confidence.

Ian Smith, founder and CEO of OSET Bikes, said: “We always wanted to be competitive. Our bikes enable kids to practice in their back gardens and with confidence.  Physically lighter so easier to manoeuvre, no difficult kick starts and no hot parts – mean kids are able to get to grips with the sport and develop a strong skill set very quickly.”

Currently kids can get on an MX rocketship at age six. Many are nervous, even fearful of the powerband that kicks in on petrol machines.  No one want to see kids getting hurt, and the OSET ethos of Taking Fun Seriously is one we are now bringing to the MX and off-road markets.

To support younger riders and of course their parents, OSET has number of MX youth initiatives underway with event organisers across the UK and the sport’s governing bodies, including the new OSET MX Academies, to develop a 4 - 6 year old riding category with the opportunity to compete at an earlier age. The OSET team hope to roll out their first MX initiative around Easter.  

Ian continued: “We now have everything in place, the fantastic MX-10 bike as well as partnerships with some great organisations and venues.  What we have planned, will be a blueprint to roll out across the UK and beyond"

For anyone interested in more information on the MX -10 and getting involved in OSET MX events and initiatives please check the website, or drop OSET an email at

The silent revolution is happening now at a motocross and off road track near you!