OSET MX-10 – MiniBike Supercross Champions!

The Dirt Bike Show has played host to the MiniBikeChamps mini supercross races for several years, which has proved to be one of the big attractions at the event. As anyone who has ventured out to the indoor race area has seen, the MiniBikeChamps organisation put on a top-level event that attracts hundreds of riders from around the UK.

2018 was no different in this respect. 6 different classes ranging from kids on 50cc auto’s to veterans and Pro’s on 160cc race monsters. But, there was one big difference this year - with 25 year old Connor Ward entering the 88cc class on an OSET MX-10 electric bike!

Connor stepped onto an MX-10 over the summer at a BMX event, and immediately loved the bike and the experience. Connors 6 year old son Alfie also fell for the bike, and the two of them have been riding and racing the MX-10’s ever since.

Connor’s rides at the Dirt bike show were nothing less than spectacular. On his tiny 10” wheels and suspension - versus the majority on 12” and 14” wheels – Connor lined up in 6 races over the Saturday and Sunday.  To literally everyone’s amazement, Connor ended up winning 3 races and securing the overall win!! This was Connor’s first overall win in 5 years, and an indication of what the little MX-10 is capable of.

Connor was rightly buzzing after the event. His lap times would not have been out of place in the 160cc Pro Class. To put it into perspective, some of the best 65cc riders in the country were going around in about 50 seconds per lap. Connor on his MX-10 was doing 41 second laps! Amazing!

“I came into this event hopeful, but really not knowing what I could do on the MX-10. The standard of riding is really high, and I knew the other bikes would have me on top speed and be able to clear more of the jumps. But, after the first couple of practices I was beginning to feel like a good result might be possible. After my first race win I was on cloud 9 – I couldn’t believe it! Then, I knew it was on! I’m absolutely over the moon with the weekend, and with the MX-10. What a bike!”

Ian Smith, founder of OSET, was there on Saturday to witness Connors first win. “Absolutely unreal! I haven’t been that excited for a long time. Connor was amazing on the bike, and really showed what it can do. Technically the bike is for 4-7 year olds, but Connor showed it can mix it up – and win – against big boys on big bikes. Absolutely stunning result. All credit to Connor – he’s my new hero!”

Through the weekend OSET also ran invitational races with riders swapping from their usual petrol machines. All came away with smiles on their faces and a new respect for OSET’s first foray into the MX market. Connors son Alfie also mixed it up with much bigger kids on KTM and Husqvarna 50’s, and came away happy – and much faster by the end than at the start. A great weekend!

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