OSET Cup South. February 2017, Rd 4.

Meadows Land. Photo Gallery here.

19 February 2017 

The historic KYTC Trials Club hosted round 4 of the Winter OSET Cup Series at the picturesque Pluckley Quarry. On a glorious sunny day, surrounded by lakes and woods, the venue proved perfect. Thankfully there was parking aplenty, with a record 42 riders lining up for the start!

The recent introduction of the OSET 24.0 has clearly allowed the series to expand, with riders from 4 to 15 years old now catered for. The riding standard is exceptionally high, so OSET technical supremo Andy Hogg set a 4 lap 6 section course to suit.

The Orange route hosted an amazing 22 riders with Jack Mercer dropping a mere 8 points for a comfortable win from Ethan Dowland on 17 and Edie Baldock on 23. It’s always great to see the little ones having such a great time, and improving through the day.

Next up, the Yellow route, where the riders had some steep drops, logs, sharp turns and climbs to contend with. This class was closely fought, with scores ranging from winner Freddie Hills on 23 down to 87 for 10th. Second was taken by Kieran Lee on 40, with Florence Baldock 3rd on 42 and George Coombs on 44. Very close! Freddie was showing some real style, and definitely has a promising future in the sport.

On the Red route, 6 riders took on the challenge. Sam Meeton is a regular winner in this class, and always gives a clinic on how to manoeuvre a bike. His bicycle skills always shine through, and despite running a thin back tyre in muddy conditions, lost only 9 points through the day. A very commendable ride. Next up was 7 year old Rowan Dean, really getting to grips with his OSET 20.0R and showing flashes of brilliance for a 45 point tally. Hot on his heels on 47 was Rowan Stewart, another rider well capable of running at National level.

The Blue route standard was very challenging, with every rider taking a lot of 3’s and 5’s. As a result, scores were close at the end of the day, with Mason Meadows winning on 75, Josh Dear a great second on his new 24.0Jr on 81, Daniel Dabreo 3rd on his new 24.0Jr on 86, and 7 year old Elliot Smith 4th on 92. None of these riders were phased by the severity, and took the challenge in stride.

Finally, Oliver Smith had an outing on his 24.0R, taking on an especially hard line - set to take some points from him. The first loops were slippery, and his tyre was pumped was too high, but Oliver was pleased to finish with a clean last loop and a total of a miserly 23.

A truly great day for all!



Orange: Jack Mercer 8, Ethan Dowland 17, Edie Baldock 23, Ollie Richmond 27, Harry Hunt 32, Sebastien Murray 33, Oscar Kirkin 42, Mason Neale 47, Sophie Humphrey 53, George Croucher 57.

Yellow: Freddie Hills 23, Kieran Lee 40, Florence Baldock 42, George Coombs 44, Talan Nutbrown 53, Edward Mowat 56, Mia Hills 69, Caelan Hanvey 78, Denni-Lou Dear 85, Tyler Wickenden 87.

Red: Sam Meeton 9, Rowan Dean 45, Rowan Stewart 47, George Chilman 67, Connor Heathfield 79, Joe Dear 86.

Blue: Mason Meadows 75, Josh Dear 81, Daniel Dabreo 86, Elliot Smith 92.

White: Oliver Smith 23.