OSET Cup is Inch Perfect

OSET CUP North is Inch Perfect
Press release – 16 May 2016 - The second round of the OSET Cup North relocated to a new venue - Inch Perfect. The dedicated trials centre, situated just outside Clitheroe, saw over two dozen young riders take on four different routes.

Isaac Reeday enjoyed a win on the E-Class Easy route, where he was joined by Sam Carter and Casey Davey.
There was nothing to separate the D-Class easy route with Ryan Proctor and Lucas Creed who shared the top step and were joined by Harry Smithies just one dab behind the winning duo and Alfie Carney in third with a baker’s dozen.

Simon Armstrong from OSET Bikes, who set out the course, said: “We have four routes. The easy route is lenient marking and teaches kids about the basics. Many of our smaller riders are paddling through with huge smiles, participating in perhaps their first ever trial.

“Moving up to the yellow, intermediate route and kids understand what a section is and are able to ride consistently with their feet up and negotiate small obstacles.”

Henry Wright was the only E-Class kid to compete at an intermediate level – a fantastic achievement. Taking home a handful of cleans will be a great confidence builder and expect him to turn those threes to ones as he progresses through the year.

Oli Arkwright, Tyler Atkinson and Jonnie Fannon took 1,2,3 respectively. A confident ride by Oli, chased down all the way by Tyler and Jonnie…these D-Class intermediate riders will undoubtedly finish the season on single figures for an entire trial and potentially ready for the hard course.

Simon added: “It’s great to watch kids progress in ability and see the sense of achievement as they tackle and ride increasingly challenging sections. We love to encourage, develop and support kids in a sport they can enjoy for a lifetime.”

Finn Potter meanwhile, was able to concentrate on his technique without as the only competitor in the C-Class.

While Will Sagar is a prime example of a kid that has progressed from easy, through intermediate and is now riding the hard route and riding it well, along with pal Thomas Wright.

With two British National riders competing, the OSET Cup North also provided an elite blue route to test brothers, Dominic and Alexander Horne.

Simon finished: “We want to develop the next generation of competitors through the OSET Cup classes and introduce them to the wide variety of trials events that take place every year that are open for them to go and ride when they feel ready.”

Rider of the day went to Harry Phillip on a 12.5R OSET, whose initial tears turned to beaming smiles – finishing the final section completely clean – well done Harry!
Big thanks to Inch Perfect for the venue (we’ll be back) and thanks too for the cake and drinks (perfect end to the day).

The next round takes place on Saturday 25th June at Westwood, South Yorkshire


Will Sagargathering before the trialgathering before the trial 1