OSET Cup Cornwall Round 6 Winter Series

Results 6th and Final Round of
the Cornwall Oset Cup Winter Championship.
The final round of the
Cornwall Oset Cup Winter Championship was held in glorious sunshine at
Redruth on Saturday 23rd April and the 32 riders who entered had a
really good day.

Hard Course - 1st Joshua Pengilly 9 marks lost, 2nd
Johnathan Hancock 24, 3rd Jowan Davis 29.

Medium Course (by age
10 years - 1st Fletcher Brown just 1 mark lost, 2nd Sam Hill
9 years - 1st Iris Richards 8, 2nd Josh Jacobs 22, 3rd Joseph
Lulham 42, 4th Jowan Powell 45
(no 8 years today)
7 years - 1st Ronnie
Richards 4, 2nd Tyler Cole 72
6 years - 1st Jory Wilcox-Sleep 23, 2nd
Jack Pengilly 27, 3rd Thomas Powell 55.
5 years - 1st Tom Gibbins 68

Easy Course (by age groups).
5 years - 1st Tobias Smith 17, 2nd Lewis
Dingle 23, 3rd Jamie Goss 36, 4th Carter Mitchell 54
4 years - 1st
Alfie Brown 6, 2nd Isaac Brazier 13, 3rd Marley Davison 16, 4th Dexter
Tripconey 60, 5th Theo Bottle 97.

Winter Championship Final Placings.

Hard Course - 1st Joshua Pengilly. Joint 2nd Johnathan Hancock and
Jowan Davis.
Others by age groups.
10 years - 1st Fletcher Brown.
years - 1st Iris Richards, 2nd Josh Jacobs.
8 years - 1st Sam
7 years - 1st Ronnie Richards.
6 years - 1st Jory Wilcox-
Sleep, 2nd Jack Pengilly
5 years (Medium Course) 1st Ted Youlden-
5 years - 1st Tom Gibbins, 2nd Jamie Goss.
4 years - 1st Alfie
Brown, 2nd Isaac Brazier.

1st Round of the Cornwall Oset Cup
Championship will be held on 21st May at Garker Valley, St Austell.
PL26 8YE.


P4230031Cornwall Oset Cup Riders with their Trophies. 1