A sunny bank holiday northern OSET Cup!  Who knew bank holidays could have sunshine? 

The 23 riders at Dob Park, Otley, Yorkshire this weekend, enjoyed another round of the series designed to get kids into trials. With several first-timers, Simon Armstrong, the organiser from OSET Bikes, said: “With so many people on holiday it was great to welcome a number of kids to their first OSET Cup. 


“The fact we’re all electric and quiet, provides a non-intimidating environment for the youngest children to dip their toe into giving trials riding a go.  The format obviously works as every year we attract new riders to OSET Cups up and down the country – a real grass-roots boost to the sport!” 

Dappled sunlight, streamed through the spring canopy, kept the young riders cool as they tackled six sections three times each. 


It was a perfect trialling start for notable new rider, Colin Appleyard salesman’s son, Jake Hannon. The youngest enjoyed the win on his OSET 12.5, competing in his first ever trial on E Class White route. Dad Mikey didn’t leave the venue empty handed either, bagging parent of the day award! 

While Inch Perfect’s salesman Aaron Drachenburg also enjoyed cheering his son, Alfie on the top spot of intermediate, small wheel yellow route.  No real rivalry on the day, as Aaron joined Mikey to enjoy joint parent of the day.


Simon added: “It was really fun to see the two dads and their sons on the podium.  For the record Colin Appleyard in Bradford and Inch Perfect near Clitheroe both stock a full range of OSET Bikes, with OSET trials training available at Inch Perfect for anyone looking for a fun day out during the holidays.”


Other winners on the day were:

Dempsey Pickup and Joel Isherwood on Yellow Medium wheel.

Jimmy Crabtree on Red Route Medium Wheel

Poppy Fletcher on Red Route Big Wheel

Mason Vasey on Blue Elite D Class

Jonnie Fannon on Blue Elite C Class


Simon added, “We split the kids down by wheel size and route severity.  With four different routes, the idea is to develop their skill set and enable them to step up when they’re ready.  It’s not totally serious and encourage all the kids to have a go at the harder sections – more often than not, they surprise themselves – and their parents!”

Thank you to Mike Hinch and Yeadon Guiseley for the use of the land.


 Images courtesy of Glynis Vasey