I'm dreaming of an Electric Christmas!

Every year parents ask their children: “What would you like for Christmas?”  Not anymore!  The ultimate gift of an OSET Electric Bike will deliver much more than any X-box or PS4 ever could!

OSET Bikes are electric, off-road motorbikes for kids aged 2 -12.  They are designed to be ridden over, through and round obstacles to teach balance, control and technique.  And they are the most fun your kids can have on two wheels (allegedly).

Safety is an absolute priority and with three ‘dimmer’ switches parents can turn down the speed, response and power so kids can start by crawling along at walking pace, no matter how much they twist the throttle.  Only when the child is confident do you turn up the dials.

They are silent, so no annoying the neighbours when kids decide to turn the back garden into an obstacle course.  The lack of an exhaust means no hot parts either.  Bikes with the lithium-ion batteries will last for up to 6 hours depending on what you’re doing and the weight of the rider.

There are specialist OSET events all over the country and all year round, where you can ride different obstacle courses (known as trials) and there are motorcycle clubs and specialist centres around the UK offering beginner events and practice days too.

The bikes retail from £989 - £3,399 and are available in five different sizes from 2-year old’s right up to teenagers.  Visit www.osetbikes.com/gb to find your closest dealer.

OSET Electric Motorcycle Range

2018 12.5R 130deg wShadow
12.5 Racing

The world’s bestselling first electric motorcycle for kids aged 3+
The perfect beginner bike for children who have never ridden before, and can grow with the child
For riders aged 3 – 5
RRP: £1,149.00

The OSET 16.0 Racing is a dream machine for 5-7 year old's and the bike of choice for competitive riding
Helps riders to develop skills very early and gives them a head start before stepping up to bigger machines.
For riders aged 5 – 7
RRP: £1,769.00

2019C 21.0R BOLT 130deg

The OSET 20.0 Racing is a competition dominating machine for 8 year old's up to adults
The machine of choice for riders interested in competing & ultimate performance
For riders aged 8 to Adults
RRP: £2,379.00

24.0 JR
The OSET 24.0 JR is a beast of a machine designed to shred the competition
Winner of the 2019 C class medium wheel – ACU Youth Trails Championship
For riders aged 9 to Adults
RRP: £3,399.00

2018 MX 10 130deg wShadow2
MX-10 (AGES 4 - 7)

The OSET MX-10 is the ultimate electric dirt bike and competition ready MX beginner bike
Designed to re-define the starter MX and dirt bike market around the globe
For riders aged 4 – 7
RRP: £2,499.00

PS… They come in mum & dad size too….