Highland magic for Mason

Rounds 6&7 of the ACU Belle Trailers Youth National series took place at the Bob MacGregor Academy near Glasgow and provided what was expected – hard sections in very changeable conditions! There were a lot of nerves amongst the kids after looking at the sections, but most were ready for the challenge and welcomed it. There were definitely NOT going to be any scores in single figures for the D Class!

Despite the weather forecast, conditions started relatively dry, with the sections riding well. The D class riders tend to race around pretty quickly, and they’re lucky they did. The rain did come… at the end of the first lap for most, but towards the end for most D’s. Star of the day was Northern Ireland’s Mason Crawford. His score of 60 points reflects the level of the event, but Mason took it in his stride and had some amazing rides and huge cheers! His 20.0 MkII Lithium OSET was flying! Second went to Scottish rider Robbie Bremner on 71 – his best result of the year. Hot on his heels was title contender Jacob Wilson on 72. Massive well done to Edwyn James in 4th place on his brand new 20.0 MkII.

The C Medium Class was hard, and the weather really affected the sections. Just enough rain to let mud get on the rocks, but not enough to wash them off. Elliot Smith was confident going in, and put down a solid marker on his OSET 24.0 with a first lap 15… 9 up on Stanley Cubbon. This set Elliot up well. He eased out a few more on lap two, and left Stanley a bit too much to do. Final scores on the day were Elliot on 72, Stanley on 84, with Joe Drysdale third on 105.

Sunday’s forecast was pretty abysmal, and heavy overnight rain left the sections in a very wet state. However, the forecast was wrong, and by the end of the day the sections had dried a fair bit and the sun came out!

In the D class, Mason Crawford continued his form with another stylish win on 50 points. Mason appears to love every minute, and his joy of riding really shines through. A real prospect for the future. The top 3 were the same as Saturday, with Robbie Bremner second on 56 and Jacob Wilson on 62. Bobby Crabtree came back into the mix just on the back of the top 3. Edwyn James had another great day in 5th. This all leaves Mason a clear leader with one round to go, but still with work to do to seal the deal!

In the C Medium’s the wet conditions at the start, and a couple of bogey sections made for a difficult day for Elliot Smith, who never got into his normal groove. At the same time, Stanley Cubbon was on fire. After sorting some machine problems, Stan was on it. A first lap of 24 put him 9 up on Scotland’s Joe Drysdale, and 10 up on Elliot. Stanley kept strong through the day, with Joe getting stronger and stronger. Joe’s last lap of 17 was best of the day, and show’s what he can do when he hits his stride. Final order was Stanley on 73, Joe on 81, and Elliot on 90. Well done also to Archie Bremner and Matilda Arbon, who had some great rides on their ways to 4th and 5th places.

Next round is the last one – at Bracken Rocks in Derbyshire on August 25th.