Doncaster’s 8 year old, Lukas Butcher completed a first for youth riding and OSET Bike this weekend.

Participating in the OSET Cup North, in Otley on Saturday, Lukas stepped up to take third place on the podium on the intermediate small wheel route.

Not content with one motor bike event, from there, the family headed to compete in rounds 3 and 4 of the British Minibike championship in Scunthorpe.  Riding an OSET MX10 for the first time competitively, Lukas went on to finish an impressive 8th overall.

Rusty Griffiths from Motofamily Electric Racing, said: “I give kids the chance to race or ride at fraction of the cost of owning or maintaining their own bikes.  Not only that, it’s a great way to come and try motocross without the upfront financial investment.  We welcome anyone who wants to give it a go – it really is like a little family, where we all support each and share what we know.

“It was great to welcome Lukas this weekend and very much look forward to seeing him and his family again on the OSET MX10!”

Mum, Emma Butcher, said: “We are super proud of Lukas.  We love that he loves motorsport and we’ll do everything we can to support him in that.  The fact we could use one the OSET MX10 fleet bikes from MER and Rusty is brilliant – we’ve had the best weekend and it’s been really fun to watch Lukas ride two completely different disciplines, enjoy both and perform really well at both!

“Normally we just ride trials but stepping onto the MX10 was a really easy transition!”

While Simon Armstrong from OSET Bikes added: “What Lukas demonstrated is the ease with which kids can jump from one type of motorsport to another.  The similar power delivery and familiarity of controls across the family of OSET bikes, enables kids to give motocross and trials a go, to develop an impressive skillset of riding ability and it’s great to see!”

OSET Bikes currently has two OSET MX Academies – one with Rusty at MER in the south west and a second one at HyperTrax in Glasgow.  Holding a fleet of OSET MX10s kids are encouraged to go and have a go and have some fun training.  Speaking of the academies, Simon said: “The ultimate aim is to get the training sanctioned by the MCF in order to provide licenses to children from the age of four.  We’re working together on this at the moment and look forward to taking that next step soon.”