Cornwall Superheroes & Mud Conquerors

Round 2 & 3 Cornwall Winter OSET Cup

The second round of the Cornwall OSET Cup was an almighty fancy affair that saw not only kids dressed as their favourite superheroes, but their bikes transformed into tanks and tractors too!  You can check out their master builds here.  Isle of Man take note….here lies the alternative TT!

With 35 riders taking part, the series continues to go from strength to strength.  This year the club can issue authorised ACU 'Day Licences' for Trials at a cost  of £3 each – meaning no need to turn anyone away who may not have a full ACU license in place.

The trial was held over 3 laps of 9 sections with the usual Hard, Medium and Easy conducted courses – full results below.

it was full steam ahead for round three of the Winter Championship.  Held at Burthy Row, Fraddon on Saturday 28th January, numbers swelled again to 37 riders, including a new rider, 6 year old Aaron Watson who made a huge effort to travel down from Gloucester to take part (thanks mum and dad!)  As is often the case with winter trials, heavy overnight rain resulted in very muddy conditions, making marks higher than normal.

Howard Stevens, from Redruth and Camborne MCC, said: “When I first started running OSET Cups we’d get handful of riders.  To be touching nearly forty kids regularly riding is phenomenal!   Running a summer and winter series allows the children to get to grips with riding in a range of conditions and round three proved to be a lesson in understanding how to find grip in slippery mud.”

Round 4 will take place at Trebarrow, Bugle PL26 8RJ on Saturday 25th February.



Hard Course : 1st Ronnie Richards 29, 2nd Johnathan Hancock 35, 3rd Jowan Davis

Medium Course ( by age group).

9 years : 1st Jowan Powell 23, 2nd Ashton Dingle 67

7 years : 1st Jack Pengilly 18, 2nd Lewis Dingle 35, 3rd Tom Powell 36

6 years : 1st Tom Gibbins 24, 2nd Jamie Goss 55, 3rd Tobias Smith 62

5 years : 1st Alfie Brown 21, 2nd Isaac Brazier 62, 3rd Jack Roberts 63

Easy Course (by age group)

7 years : Ralph Croft 21

5 years : 1st Marley Davison 3, 2nd Matthew Allen 22, 3rd Leon Thomas 24

4 years : Andrew Hancock 48.



Hard Course. Jowan Davis 41, Johnathan Hancock 57, Ron Richards 66, Sam Hartland 67, Josh Jacobs 83, Sam Hill 100.

Medium Course by Age Groups.

11 yrs Dylan Gardner 19

9  yrs Jowan Powell 34, Sam Congdon 39, Ashton Dingle 58

7  yrs Jack Pengilly 23, Riley Hughes-Davis 44, Tom Powell 52, Lewis Dingle 72

6  yrs Ted Youlden-Moyle 36, Tom Gibbins 38, Jamie Goss 64, Jack Roberts 70

5  yrs Alfie Brown 20


Easy Course by Age Groups.

6 yrs Aaron Watson 0, Ashley Julian 98.

5 yrs Leon Thomas 21, Marley Davison 22, Carter Mitchell 43, Matthew Allen 57.

4 yrs Andrew Hancock 79, Edward Bushell 96.