Cornwall OSET Cup Welcomes Lancashire Kids

The 3rd Round of the Cornwall Oset Cup was held on Sunday 30th July at Burthy Row Farm, Fraddon. Organiser, Howard Stevens, gave praise for the 32 Oset riders and their OSET bikes who braved continuous torrential rain!

He said: "we have endured heavy rain before, but this was undoubtedly the worst and one section even had to be abandoned because the water level and mud rose too high to continue safely. Nevertheless there were smiles all round at the end and the OSET bikes all kept going without any problems."

With many people heading to Cornwall for Summer holidays, two visitors from Lancashire, had packed their OSET's along with their body boards!  Dempsey and Rylan Pickup, have only started riding this year at the OSET Cup North, thoroughly enjoyed the change of venue - takiing home 1st place certificates in each of their classes.

Howard said: "Taking an OSET away is really easy.  No oil, no petrol so they can pack easily in the car.  It's great to welcome riders from all over the UK.  It's all about getting on your bike, having some fun and making new firends.  I think dad may have had to have a trip to the jet wash before heading back to Lancashire though!"


Expert Course:

1st Ronnie Richards 28, 2nd Johnathan Hancock 31

Hard Course.

1st Dylan Gardner 56, 2nd Tom Gibbins 58, 3rd Josh Jacobs 66, Joint 4th= Jack Pengilly and Jowan Powell 79

 Medium Course (by age groups)

9 yrs Ashton Dingle 56

8 yrs Dempsey Pickup ( visitor from Lancashire )

7 yrs Tom Powell 26, Lewis Dingle 45, Jamie Goss 72

6 yrs Aaron Watson 13, Jack Roberts 20, Alfie Brown 21, Isaac Brazier 49

5 yrs Leon Thomas 47, Carter Mitchell 59


Easy Course (by age groups)

7 yrs Jacob McCoan 25

6 yrs Matthew Allen 8

5 yrs Rylan Pickup 2 (visitor from Lancashire), Tavon Jacobs 4, Harrison Atkins 9, Andrew Hancock 35

4 yrs Frank Randall 9