Chris Northover and OSET Bikes in Green Heaven

In his second video for OSET Bikes in 2019, Chris takes on Caehopkin Forest, South Wales for the video “Green Heaven”

The area is very popular with mountain bikers and It’s close to some ancient spoil heaps from mining operations long ago, (you can see them early on) but as is always the case, nature takes over in even the most unlikely situations.

Further down in the forest, there was large areas of moss, with lots even hanging from the trees, and making the place very reminiscent of the Pacific North West on America... helped along by some rickety wooden jumps the mtb riders had built. The whole forest shone with an almost iridescent green of the foliage and hanging moss, all of which gave rise to the title… Green Heaven. 

Chris Northover on his OSET 24.0 Racing again teamed up with film maker Oli Tennent and OSET Bikes to show off just what these incredible machines can do in the hands of a pro and how the riding experience and connection to the riders environment differs – for the positive! 

View the full video here:

Chris is known for his amazing video ‘Storm the embassy’ which now has over 24 million views, where again on this OSET electric bike, he shows just how versatile and fun electric motorcycles can be in urban environments.

In this new video ‘Green Heaven” it’s all about the different riding experience you get on a virtually silent motorcycle and the connection a rider had with their natural environment.

According to Chris:

“For me, motorcycles started with an engine. The smell of the fuel. The smell of the exhaust. To learning to kick start my first bike. Now electric bikes have come along, and we’ve lost some of those smells and those sounds, but we haven’t lost any of the experience.”

James Robertson, Head of Marketing for OSET Bikes followed with,

“It’s great to have riders of Chris calibre seeing that the future is definitely electric and promoting the greener side of motorcycling and I hope that by seeing just how much fun electric motorcycles are, we can continue to inspire the next generation of riders.”