2015 OSET Bikes for sale at great prices!


We are trying to sell the few remaining 2015 bikes to make room for the new 2016 shipment. As a family that have enjoyed one of our free have a go’s, we’d like to offer you the chance to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to snap up an OSET Bike at a great price! We have just three models left….

For 5 – 7 year olds
· 2015 16 ECO £1099 was £1299 – Bike spec here

image001 1·

2015 16R £1299 was £1499 – Bike spec here

image002 1

For 6 – 8 year olds
· 2015 20 Lite £1499 was £1699 – Bike spec here


Saving a WHOPPING £200 per bike…All you have to do is email Simon Armstrong, our sales manager - simon@osetbikes.co.uk now to get your hands on one of the last few remaining. He’ll be able to direct you to your nearest local dealer who still have one in stock.

And once you get one, there are events happening all over the country where you can go and ride - perfect for absolute beginners to trials riding and a great way to spend the Bank Holiday!

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Oh…and if you have a minute check out the video gallery to see the bikes in action!