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OSET Cup Wales

Event Info:

  • 20 Jun, 2020

UK OSET CUPS – After guidance from the ACU all OSET Cups will now be postponed until further notice. For more information please contact your local OSET Cup organiser and we will update as soon as the situation changes. Thanks and stay safe.  

There are 4 courses:-

Easy Course , marked in White flags for absolute beginners 4 years and above 12.5 and 16.0 bikes .

Intermediate Course, marked in Yellow flags, some experience/beginners Junior.

Harder Course, marked in Red flags for more experienced riders and adults.

Hardest Course, marked in blue flags for confident riders and adults.

Rosettes awarded at each round, Rider of the day and Biggest Smile . Championship awards best of four rounds in each class.

At the end of each OSET Cup Championship every rider receives an OSET Medal

Entry Fee £15

Round 1 - 03.05.2020 - Trials Training Wales Trial (Trydan Off Road to host, Youth Classes B,C,D,E)

Round 2 - 20.06.2020 - Trydan Off Road OSET Cup. All classes including adult on OSET bikes only

Round 3 - 04.07.2020- OSET Cup in Partnership with Trials Training Wales. Junior Classes B,C,D and E Only (Overnight camping and barbecue with Fun Trial on July 5th if enough people are interested to include adults on OSET Bikes. Full details to be announced.)

Round 4 - 01.08.2020 - Trydan Off Road OSET Cup  All classes including adult on OSET bikes only

Round 5 - 19.09.2020 - Trydan Off Road OSET Cup  All classes including adult on OSET bikes only