OSET Cup Essex

Event Info:

  • 26 Sep, 2020

UK OSET CUPS – After guidance from the ACU all OSET Cups will now be postponed until further notice. For more information please contact your local OSET Cup organiser and we will update as soon as the situation changes. Thanks and stay safe.  

All entries will be taken on-line via the ACU website: www.ride-acu.uk.  This is our preferred entry system and so for those with your own licence it will cost just £5 per rider (day licences are an additional £3). Entries taken outside of the ACU website will incur an additional £10 surcharge per rider.

Each round will consist of 6 sections round woodland venues. 2 routes each section. All abilities catered for. The emphasis is very much on having FUN! Classes: Youth A (Born between 01.01.03 – 31.12.04). Youth B (Born between 01.01.05 – 31.12.08) Youth C (Born between 01.01.08 – 31.12.10), Youth D (Born between 01.01.11-31.12.14) & Youth E (Born after 01.01.15 & at least 4). Youth A&B on the hard route. C,D & E to be split into “Easy” or “Hard” route. So 8 classes in all. Awards for top 3 in each and medal for all finishers given out at the end of the event.

Round 1 - 27/06/2020 - 10.00am - Pebmarsh
Round 2 - 26/09/2020 - 10.00am - Purls Hill - Sible Hedingham, Essex
Round 3 - 19/12/2020 - 10.00am - Beazley End, Essex

Exact address information will be given in the regulations published on the ACU website : www.ride-acu.uk -  (Orange arrows will direct you in on the day)

Championship to be run over 3 rounds with the worst score to be dropped. End of season trophies to be handed out at our annual awards presentation.

We will be running the Essex OSET Cup alongside our usual Junior Academy. This allows those without their own bikes to come and try our sport using the clubs own bikes and equipment for just £10 per person. Tickets must be purchased before hand for those wishing to use this facility. Please follow us on Facebook or Eventbrite where those tickets will be sold a few weeks before the respective events.

Name: Wes Butcher
Email: wesleyb.bdmcc@gmail.com
Phone: 07949 031343
Website: http://www.braintree-mcc.co.uk/welcome-to-braintree-mcc