Oliver Smith at the SSDT 2019

As the epic SSDT (Scottish Six Day Trial) begins again this year we are super proud to have our own Oliver Smith - the OS in OSET bikes, competing this year! Although he is not on an electric OSET (yet!), he got off to a really great start on day one with an extremely respectably 24 points. You can see a clip of Oliver in action here:

What a fantastic trial! Original OSET rider (Oliver Smith is the OS in OSET), Oliver settled in quite quickly and had a good day on 24 points. Enjoying every minute so far!

Geplaatst door OSET Bikes op Dinsdag 7 mei 2019

We wish Oliver all the best luck (not that he will need it!) in the world and are cheering him on both at the event and back here at HQ.

If you would like to track Oliver's progress then please use the live results checker on the SSDT site: http://www.ssdt.org/live-results-ssdt-2019 and for more info on the SSDT please visit: http://www.ssdt.org/

Come on Oliver!!!

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