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Event Info:

  • Interclub TROY Series 2018 - NSW Trials Rider of the Year
  • 18 Nov, 2018
  • Rnd 3, Belmont Farm, 237 Saddleback Mountain Rd. Kiama NSW 2533

NSW Interclub TROY Series - Trials Rider of the Year

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This is a series set out to allow Interclub competition, to encourage riders and families to travel, visit and challenge themselves at different venues and terrains, against a wider range of riders supporting more clubs and events with the honour of challenging to become the NSW TROY - Trials Rider of the Year!

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We hope to make it fun for all and family, being a discipline that the whole family can ride and compete in, even if your new to the sport of trials visitors are welcome to come along and check out the skills and be amazed at what is possible on a trials bike.

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OSET Bikes will have Come & Try and mini sections for the kids to get started, learn 'Skills before Spills' as 'Trials is for Style' so if you have an OSET or Mini bike you can bring it along, or just Come & Try one of the many OSET Electric Trials bikes from the range. We can introduce you to the trials competition and show you how to get started through the 'Kick Start' course to getting your license and start competing.


  • NOTE: 
  • Parents or Guardians must sign all children on plus accompany, observe and mark for their own children.
  • There is a $15 fee for the Come & Try plus Mini Trials.
  • These are Motorcycling NSW Sanctioned events so competitors need to be a member of TRA and have a Motorcycling Australia License to compete in the InterClub Trial.

For more information contact:

Pete Goddard  0419 634 948 or email

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Rnd 1 - 20th May 2018 at Pacific Park by Manly Warringah MCC
Rnd 2 - 27th May 2018 at Murringo by Trials Club of Canberra
Rnd 3 - 29th July 2018 at Belmont Kiama by Wollongong MCC
Rnd 4 + Presentation - 18th November 2018 at Pacific Park by Pacific Park Trials Club

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